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How We Help Empower Traders
How to become a UWM trader
Why Our Assessment Process?
We've developed a distinctive Assessment Program designed to help achieve new or top-performing traders. We're keen to evaluate your skills and determine your potential for consistent profitability. Upon successful completion of our Assessment Program we will be happy to offer you a spot with our other UWM funded traders.

How does UWM compare with other companies?

  • Profit Target
  • Drawdown Type
  • Free Education
  • Min trading Days
  • Scaling Plan
  • Payouts
  • 100k Evaluation
  • 6-8%
  • Balance Based
  • 0 Min trading Days
  • 95% Profit Split
  • Every 8 days (Prime)
  • $399
  • Others

  • 10%
  • Equity Based
  • 5 Min trading Days
  • 80% Profit Split
  • 30 Days
  • $599+
The Steps To Become A UWM Trader
Swift and effortless: Obtain your trading credentials and commence trading in under a minute.

Starting Your Challenge

You have the opportunity to show your trading potential and work towards achieving the profit target. There's no imposed time limit; you only need to trade for a minimum of 5 trading days. The key is to maintain profitability while staying within the maximum drawdown limit.


Passing Phase 1

Passing the first phase of our challenge demonstrates your ability to execute profitable trades. However, our goal is to assess whether you can consistently maintain this level of profitability. Show us that you can become a consistently profitable trader over time.


Passing Challenge Phase 2

At this point, we will conduct a thorough manual analysis of your results. Furthermore, we'll initiate a Know Your Customer (KYC) check to establish a clear understanding of our business relationship. Upon successful completion of these steps, we will extend a contract offer for you to join our UWM team


Performance & KYC Check

Congratulations, you now have your personal trading account! We provide a generous 80% profit split to all traders right from the start, as a token of appreciation for effectively trading your allocated virtual capital. Additionally, there are no specific profit targets, granting you the freedom to trade at your preferred pace.


The Time Has Come

When you opt to withdraw your funds after 30 days, we promptly process your request through Deel or Crypto to ensure the swiftest payout possible, allowing you to select a payment method that suits your preferences. Once then, it goes to bi-weekly payouts.


Your UWM Payout


Our One-Step Express Rules

One Target: 10%

The Profit Target denotes the mandatory profit level in our 1-step challenge that must be achieved is only 10%. This calculation exclusively considers closed positions. It's important to note that reaching the Profit Target must align with the Minimum Trading Days rule.


Max Daily Drawdown: 4%

This rule imposes a limitation on daily losses, capping them at a maximum of 4% of the initial account balance. It takes into account both open and closed positions and resets daily at midnight, aligning with the account balance at that specific time (5 PM EST).


Max Overall Drawdown: 6%

Trailing to the cumulative losses, and should these losses exceed 6% of the initial balance at any juncture, taking into account both open and closed positions as well as any associated trading fees such as spreads and commissions.

Scale Up To 2M

We help you build the skill, maximize your profits and become the asset. Trade our funds and receive up to 90% profit!

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24/7 Customer Support
With a team of over 15 live agents available around the clock, our response time consistently remains under 2 minutes, ensuring prompt assistance anytime, any day.